Weekly Feature

The Untitled The Beautiful

Two Poems by Lisa Squier

I am from clotheslines and opened windows

From Corvettes and smoke

From Johnson and Johnson and Folgers

I am from Friendship

Dusty, sweaty, loud

I am from Hibiscus:

Huge, flowering, bright

I am from Wisteria:

Climbing, Perennial, fragrant

I am from Midnight Mass and Christmas morning

I am from Momma and Daddy

I am from defense and walls

From smuggling watermelons and screaming yellow zonkers

I am from Saints and Faith

I am from Houston and covered wagons

And the cookies nobody eats with casserole

I am from blue suitcases and Once Upon A Time…

I live with dreamers and musicians.

My mother howls at the moon.

I sleep with wolves and run with rats.

I bathe in the rain and drink the sun.

My father is the circus and art.

I am surrounded by strength and wisdom.

I am full of the Holy Spirit and drenched in blood.

I am wild and free and reckless.


She Smiles for Me

Hoards of People

Happy Faces

Beautiful Music

I strain to Hear

Her Voice

Her Music

I Concentrate

to See

Her Steps

Her Gestures

In the Masses

There is

Only One

They Move in Sync

With Precision


I Only See One

Our Eyes Meet


There is a Moment

Her Smile Instantly

Grows and Spreads

I cry

She laughs

I live life as I want with no desire or need to conform. Living an unconventional lifestyle I have lived a colorful exciting and sometimes hard life. I am odd mix of tradition and quirky. Typically unaware of the big picture but always caught up in the nuances of everyday life and people.