Weekly Feature

Valley views

A quiet Sunday morning.

The whirring fans seeping into my dreams.

Gently stroking my supple cheeks.

My eyes flutter as they meet a warm summer gaze.

The chirp of a swallow and her lover carried my heart.

She sat on the edge of my bed.

A wild calm about her aura.

I followed her gaze out the window.

In the distance, a choir sung their hymns.

Psithurism played with her luscious locks,

speckled with spring flowers.

I stumbled behind her graceful stride,

as she giggled with adoration.

Her ambrosial scent,

led me beyond my confines.

She said nothing but her eyes recounted stories long forgotten.

I walked beside her as flora and fauna bowed in her presence.

She kissed me on my forehead with motherly affection.

Bestowing a responsibility so precious.

Finally she sighed in satisfaction.

Her breath giving life once again.

Her creations sighed in unison, replenished.

She drifted away in silent contentment.

A newfound wisdom running in my roots.

My name is Malavika Saju. I am a student starting university in the UK this fall. I was born in India, brought up in Uganda and currently living in Dubai. Most of my poetry is influenced by my childhood. This is the first time any of my poetry has been published and I hope this is the first of many other publications.