Weekly Feature

Tell Me

If you’d had told me

of all the joyful times we’d share

I’d have left you then


I have become aware today of a yearning that grew in the pit of my heart. It grew as does a rosebush in the spring air. Likewise, my pit had many thorns to ward off those who would draw near. Though, I imagine if one looked closely enough, they’d see my frail stems. They’d know then just how fragile my roses truly are.

Alas, they won’t see those stems…for then they would have to look past the petals.


He broke my love in a field of yellow

and like the dandelions

I knew –one day

I too

would move on

Miss Cahill is a fresh poet in the literary world with an ever-turning perception of life. Learning to view the world differently from a childhood stuck between abuse and small moments of clarity, she’s turned her pain into poetry on paper. Her first promising outlook was a recent publication of two of her haiku poems in the Dream Noir literary magazine. She hopes that this is only one of the many stepping stones on the slow walk to a brighter life. Until then, she’ll keep writing, even if it means diving into the shadows of her past.