Weekly Feature

I Traveled to My Muse

I traveled to my muse,

found her waiting impatiently

hair flame red and jet black

she is faceless,

yet known

I feel her presence

inside and all around.

She is the universal

me, all and part

known, and yet to be discovered.

Enthralled by her powerful mystique

we are entwined.

now, before, forever.

Listen to her, feel her, follow her

succumb to her wisdom and creative intents

become her

become me

the me that I am, that I was, that I soon will be.

In the Flames of the Fire

She was waiting.

The boy ran

Towards her, to her, for her.

they met

knowing it was written.

Taking each other hand in hand

the boy’s stillness calmed her

and her passions ignited the boy

Together they danced

flames licking their toes

and cheeks.

Her hair flame red and jet black,

now cloaked

with a smokey auburn hue.

Turning to face the faceless woman

a wily grin unfolds

on the face of the boy.

Born in Northwest England, Heather Joy is a person-centered experiential expressive arts therapist, PhD student, associate tutor of social sciences, artist, mother and emerging poet. Previous and forthcoming publications can be found in Feral, Nymphs, Arouras and Blossom, and Strukturriss, amongst others.