Weekly Feature

How do you make a witch?

Take a small girl and show her what happens to the weak. Show her the remains of a woman who got chewed up and spit out. Show her how an angry man made a corpse of a goddess. Show her how the dead stay dead no matter how much you water the grave.

Then tell her of her power. Tell her how to turn a man into a boy with a glare. Tell her how to bring the world to its knees with a pen. Tell her she doesn’t have to die if she can write a spell to stop time.

The Art of Feeling Too Much

People say I fall in love too hard and too fast. They say it like it’s a bad thing, but I think it’s a blessing.

How beautiful it is to feel. To throw the broken bits of myself at a wall just to see what sticks. To fall down and get back up simply for the rush of falling again. To try and try and try…

The first time I fell in love it was for the idea of a boy who loved nothing more than being an idea. Eventually, he moved away and I learned the importance of follow-through. Everyone has a story in their head, but only writers create novels.

The second time was with a woman who hadn’t yet fallen for herself. When she couldn’t grasp the idea of being loved she left me.

They say the third times the charm. I’m really hoping this is it.

When I fall in love with you can you please fall in love back?

Maybe if we fall into each other it’ll be enough to cushion the crash.

I hope when I die I go like a candle

There is so much beauty in the smoke that escapes when a candle is sent to rest.

This smoke is different from the kind that clings to the air after being released from an incense.

Candle smoke is free. It has no home and no purpose. It dances through the air any which way it wants, slowly reaching its arms out to heaven.

Kailah Peters is a poet and storyteller who has migrated north to study Public Relations and Creative Writing. Peters describes her poetry as confessions her soul makes to her mind. Her imaginative and poignant style questions identity, human connection, and social order. For the full breadth of her work and passions, visit theycallus.com.