Weekly Feature

Max – Ten years Later

I can’t say the word forever

Commit to tomorrow

Make plans for what

Might not be

Not after

A baby boy


In an unmarked grave


Second hand Buddha

cheap wind chimes

all that’s left to remember

I have been shattered

And rose up to meet

The dawn who demanded

To be met

But never be

Put back together

Hoping the pieces

Were worth enough

To be loved


Rattlesnakes Return

There are rattlesnakes in my freezer

they come after me in my dreams

He shoots them – Skins them

keeps the trophy of his kill

They taunt me with

a life I never wanted

But the rattle means bravery

a warning before the bite

I rattle

he doesn’t listen

I rattle again

he won’t see me coming

Jodie Baeyens is a professor at American Military University. She was deposited in Arizona from Manhattan, against her will, and now lives in a rural farming community writing poetry and drinking red wine.

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