Motivation Pen (Red Coral Filled)


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Seeking to capture the natural beauty and power of crystals, PEN-ERGY CRYSTAL POWER PENS are filled with small, polished, natural crystals set with positive energy. These healing stones can be used to enhance all aspects of your life, as well as your writing. Red Coral has an organic origin despite being referred to as a stone. It was once a living organism in the ocean. With its fiery red energy, it imparts courage and helps in overcoming fear and nervousness. It is connected to our Root Chakra and is known to boost self-esteem for the wearer. It has also been known to help treat hiccups, colic, and heartburn. Red Coral also aids in the release of impurities from the muscular system. Gemstone for Motivation. Root chakra: Stimulates the energetic pursuit of predetermined goals. Holding your crystal power pen for a few moments with your eyes closed and focusing on your intention before you begin writing may help boost your body vibrations, essentially putting you into writing mode.
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