Behind Closed Doors Anthology


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Doors can be safe havens. They can be protective of us, shielding eyes from the intimate moments we don’t want anyone else to see by intention. Alone time and seclusion are often treated with such disdain, usually by people who feel entitled to our time and space, and the very act of being intentionally alone is revolutionary in a society that encourages us to share every shred of our humanity with the many names and icons on our screens.

Our society tells us that everything we want to do should also be monetized or it’s a waste of time, but not everyone creates everything for consumption. Sometimes we just want to sit in a quiet room and write a letter to ourselves, and just because we can’t get a publishing deal out of it doesn’t make it any less valuable. Wanting our doors closed by our own choice is a valid decision.

Marissa Alexa McCool and Evelyn Louise May produced compilations of different and diverse voices before, and we are honored to bring this experience to Other Worldly Women Press. We hope you’ll find these words as captivating, empathetic, and intimate. For what could be more intimate than what takes place when no one else is watching?

This anthology was brought to life with funding from the Minnesota State Arts Board and Other Worldly Women Press.

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