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Green Kid Crafts Review

Green Kid Crafts sent me an amazing box at no cost to review! There are a few options available. One for older kiddos (ten and over), younger (five-ten, and preschool (two-four). Each box has four-eight different art or science kits, boxes start at $24.95 USD a month. Not only is this a great box to get your kids interested in learning STEAM fields early in life, it looks like a great way to bond with kids effortlessly.

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Easy Wellness With Loti

Loti Wellness Box

My first act of self-care was in the 90s: it was buying a lip gloss and stinky lotion. This event coincided with a deep clinical depression. The kind that left me hospitalized and physically scarred for life. I didn’t grow-up in a time when mental illness was talked about much; even my own family didn’t know about my struggles. Self-care and self-love were foreign to me until I started practicing/teaching yoga in my 20s. As the world rotates so does our basic understanding of mental health. At times it is hard talking about being on medication and monthly therapy sessions because some people are still to scared to hear about it. Closed ears are closed minds…hopefully they can be changed.

Because wellness and self-love are becoming big in the mainstream world many lives that may not have been touched with mindfulness practices are now being exposed. Studies about the use of yoga and meditation are showing millions how important mental health is. New small companies are helping out by creating trends for customers to learn about mindfulness. In the past few years I’ve fallen in love with self-care/self-love practices that can be used by anyone. So have many people in the quest for better mental and physical health, no matter underlying conditions or the lack thereof. For people who are always searching for new ways of treating themselves to a big dose of love subscription boxes have been helpful. I recently fell in love with the Loti Wellness Box and decided they are a perfect partner for my press.

I received my first box yesterday. My friend Alex, a fellow yoga instructor, unboxed it with me before our meal of tacos, and evening candle making session. Our first impressions; pure joy, excitement, and inquisitiveness on how these wellness items would help customers learn mindfulness. As yoga instructors we both love the practice of being mindful, but as normal people it can be hard to fit in practices to everyday life.

Part of why this box stands out is the Mindfulness Practice Workbook. There are basic exercises that anyone can do to infuse mindfulness into their days. Such as walking meditations, body scan visualizations, breathing routines, and even how to mindfully drink tea! I won’t spill all the good stuff in the workbook, but I will say it is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. The back cover has a tracker so you can make the practices into great habits.

Other items in this box follow the same vein to help you live a mindful lifestyle. Caring for the body externally and internally is extremely important.

In my Loti Box I received a White Clay Exfoliating Mask/Scrub that is handcrafted in Vancouver, made by Merlette. This can be used on all sorts of skin types. I’ll be using it as an evening mask/scrub to help bring down a little inflammation caused by hormones. Personally, I like mixing this kind of mask with water, but it can also be mixed with yogurt or honey!

Another item in the box to treat your skin is a Mere Botanicals solid hand and body balm. Mine is infused with Calendula and Lemongrass; it smells like candy. Bars like this are awesome because a little goes a long way, just use the skin’s heat to melt the bar. What I really love about this is the container is metal, not plastic, so I’ll reuse it when the bar is gone.

Internal health items that came with the box are, Tease tea, and a cute pink tea diffuser. The self-care elixir is a Morninga Herbal Tisane, created with ayurvedic herbs. I’m excited to drink this caffeine free tea, and even more excited that this bag has 35 cups of tea in it!

This box didn’t forget how important curating a Zen space is. One of my favorite items is a Sage Smudge Spray created by Simple is Essential. The lightly scented spray has quartz crystals in it to help release negative energy. I’ll probably keep this in my bag for use in the car.

The last items in the box were Nature’s Garden Frankincense Incense created by Auroshikha and incense holder. I really love the handmade paper packaging and natural flowers used. These sticks smell great, made with high quality frankincense, my only concern is if I burn them when my partner is home it maybe too strong. So, I may wait to burn this inside for when the weather warms up and windows can be opened!

Overall, I just wanted to share one of the many tools that can be used for wellness. This Loti Box is great for anyone who is looking to infuse their life with a dose of self-love. I wish when I was younger that I could have subscribed to a box like this and taken care of myself from the inside-out.

Check out Loti here!

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What it Means to Give Birth

I always had an inkling something maybe wrong with my reproductive organs. At 15 I was diagnosed with my first ovarian cyst. The following 18 years doctors could not figure out my pelvic pain, irregular bleeding, or why I kept getting large bleeding cysts.

It wasn’t till I started trying to conceive a child did a diagnosis come about. Moderate endometriosis, also known as stage 3 endometriosis, which causes multiple deep implants on pelvic organs plus cysts, fibroids, and more painful growths. The only way this disease can be diagnosed is through laparoscopic surgery. Typically, it takes women six-ten years to get a diagnosis. It took me longer because doctors didn’t believe my pain until I couldn’t bare a child. This moment of diagnosis explained it all. Why as I tried and tried; my physical womb lay bare while friends brought bundles of joy into the world.

Still after years of trying to conceive, multiple procedures, and a whole bunch of therapy, I still could not get pregnant. My mind went wild, as a person who was born female gender it feels as if I must carry a child. The most primal part of my existence I could not fill. The simple act of passing on my DNA.

I’m not the only one who struggles with my womanhood. What if you are born female but into a male body? As a reform Jew I attend a liberal synagogue that supports the LGBTQ community. During a conversation about feminine duties during shabbat (Jewish sabbath) the topic of praying for children came up. Motherly spirits expressed how hard it is knowing they could not physically bare children. Yet, other ideas flowed through the conversation too. It wasn’t just about continuing the cycle of human existence. As those who identify as feminine divine, we can give birth and nurture much more than just children.

As I sit here in the early hours of Saturday morning, my cat slumbers next to me, my partner exploring his dreamland, I sit curled into a ball. My stomach churns and burns from fertility drugs I’m taking in preparation for IVF treatments. Still, I’m trying to begin a spark of life in my physical womb. Trying hard not to get ahead of myself; creating a human is a stressful business. I think about what creating a spark really means. To carry and give birth you don’t need to be a Cis-female. I think of my trans friends who identify as female, they give birth to such important life such as art, literature, ideas, innovative creations, and so much more. Each of us carries a bit of feminine no matter what gender we are born, we all give birth to great life, in addition we nourish our creations.

Not knowing if IVF will work or not does not bother me. I can only do my best to keep physically healthy. My pregnancy is the creation of literature and I give birth to poems, essays, memoirs, and articles. Each piece published is a child ready to run free. As feminine divine we do not have to carry a child physically to bring a spark of life into this universe.

 Please give birth to your creations. Nourish your creativity, love and care for your beautiful sacred selves. Together we will bring great things to life.