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Other Worldly Women are humans who identify as nonbinary or female. We aim to let those who have marginalized voices be heard throughout the galaxies. You DO NOT have to be born female gendered to be published. The term Other Worldly Women was developed by, Evelyn (founder, editor, educator), during a difficult period in her life after miscarriages and failed fertility treatments. During a class at a local Reform Synagogue, she found trans folx have similar feelings and experiences of not being able to have children. Their challenges are far more difficult than Evelyn’s (assigned female gender). Their voices like that of women are under published and often go unheard. Because of that their stories and lives are not respected like white cis-gender men who rule the publishing industry. The term that came to mind was feminine divine which is strongly linked to the moon. We as a community who identify as nonbinary and female are much more than a moon orbiting. We are galaxies creating new life.


Evelyn Louise May, M.F.A is a writer/editor/educator based out of Minneapolis, MN. She has been published in Swimming with Elephants, Wingless Dreamer, Brew Your Own, Rain Taxi, Still Point Arts Quarterly, Molly House Magazine, her writing can be spotted across the internet and on T.V. Evelyn is the founder of Other Worldly Women Press. She is currently working a nonfiction book about endometriosis throughout history, and a memoir about three generations of women enduring heart wrenching Caesarean section births.

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Marissa Alexa McCool is an author, athlete, speaker, performer, photographer, activist, and in podcasting as a host, editor, and producer. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and Augsburg University. Also known as “The Purple Amazon,” she’s worked within a wide range of cross-sections and communities in order to form a unique, assertive, and neon style that involves blending the academic and the theatrical. She has written 11 books in various genres, hosted over 500 podcast episodes since 2016 while also guesting on countless others, and has helped a dozen shows get started from an editor and producer role. She’s spoken and performed around the country at everything from conferences to plays to standup performances. She also plays women’s tackle football in Minnesota. In addition to her books, she has an academic co-writing credit, published three full-length audio plays, has been featured in the Daily Pennsylvanian, HuffPo, and Psychology Today among others, and has worked to help raise marginalized voices in writing and other media since she became involved. Her favorite project to date was an audio play she wrote and performed in called Dinner with the Binaries. She co-starred with one of the leads of Amazon Prime’s “Dyke Central”, Giovannie Espiritu. She’s originally from northeast Ohio, grew up in central Pennsylvania, and now lives in the Twin Cities with her family, where if she’s not on a stage or microphone somewhere, she’s probably out looking for birds with her camera or up at the North Shore along Lake Superior.

Wellness Event Leader

Alex McLaughlin, LGSW, MSW, RYT 200 (they/she) is a social worker, trauma-aware yoga leader & mental health advocate living on the ancestral land of Wahpekute first nation peoples (AKA, St. Paul / Minneapolis, MN). Alex has lived experience with mental illness and is passionate about helping folkx work toward wellness & mental health recovery in their various roles – whether it be in a clinical role, in a yoga studio or on social media as an advocate & mental health educator.

Alex aims to live out the yamas and niyamas (yoga’s ethical guidelines) and believes that yoga is both a practice and a state of being and hopes that folkx are able to reconnect to self, to a higher power & engage in the processes of healing & transformation. 

As well, Alex feels that the practice of yoga is a tool we can use toward social justice and equity. While it is much more nuanced than this; Alex feels that the practice of yoga can aide us toward living life as our true selves; and a tool to examine our social and societal conditioning, give us the awareness to choose a different path. Yoga can be a tool to compassionately examine the ways in which we uphold systems of oppression and the awareness to make choices that do not cause harm to others (ahimsa). It can be a tool to help us slow down and live a life that is more embodied and heart centered.

Learn more about and from Alex on Instagram @radical.well.beings also https://msha.ke/radicalwellbeings/

Our writers come from all walks of life. This is a place where all kinds of voices can be heard.