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night dreams (Uma painting)

Imagined Hug

As I focus, I know. I call

New beginnings for me and overall.

Grow with me as you wish.

Desire pulls me one way now.

I do not yet know, but it is a vow

To a one or a thing of great value.

Alone, I felt a sweet hug just today,

From exactly whom I cannot say.

May it swell with moon energy.

Though I cannot see the arms,

I have felt the attractive charms,

Expecting now the physical to appear.

I felt him holding me in delight

Not knowing who he is this night,

Yet feeling his hope rising with mine.

So it is and shall always be.

What I seed comes to meet me.

This I expect and do also believe

Amber Eyes

I never heard chants or spells

But folks thought my Mama

And her grandmother were

Somehow queerer than other folk

In eastern North Carolina,

Including Mama’s amber eyes.

Mama was superstitious,

Attributed to her grandmother

Who had lived in their home,

Reported to be half Lumbee or

Cherokee Indian, though

It’s not showing up in my blood.

Mama went to the best local psychic,

Who had said that her amber eyes

Meant something special for her life,

Not to waste it. Given her problematic life,

I can only assume Mama ignored

The good psychic’s advice.

My eyes are now ocean blue-green,

Though formerly blue like sky.

Now they bubble with green and amber,

Changing with mood or colors I wear,

Unpredictably shifting, like the special

Blood of my ancestors.

Full Crow Moon

Moon glow on the wood floor

Lights my path to the bright

East windows. A nearly

Full Crow Moon, Sap Moon,Sugar Moon, Worm Moon, the last

Full moon of winter. No matterHow hard or mild the season,

Our ancestors named them all,

Called them by the common

Truth of their own days, the laws of

Life, of planting their blessed harvest

With hallowed richness.

End of winter hardship, start of

Spring and new beginnings

Are heralded by this moon.


Thoughts, different patterns, my own

Grateful open offering to the fertile

Spring Goddess; true rebirth after

Lenten chastity, lean and lonely

Life begins anew with this

Connecting moon. Ready now,

I accept proposals for interesting

New adventures. Come now,

All offers, and lead my own

Precious creative self to my next

Fully blooming gracious Garden.

New Moon Prayer

These things I plant

And these I know

Will move toward me

‘Ere a fortnight grow.

My heart is set;

My mind is sure.

All good things come

And shall endure.

The Light in me

Attracts the same.

All these good things

Shall know my name.

I feel this good

Rising in me now,

Though I know not when

Nor yet see how.

Grateful am I

Here in this place

And ever thankful

For Heaven’s Grace.

And so it is

And so it shall be.

Amen, amen and

Grace to me.

Exquisite Magick

For my holiday tree I bought a

Tiny silver ornament on a shiny

Silver chain, two gleaming pieces

Adorned with glass-diamond beads,

Both free-hanging on chains.

The little shining crown, with its

Bright ring of pretend gems,

Hangs on the lower of two

Separately extended chains.

Above it a gleaming silver heart

With a bold diamond center,

On its own links hangs

Just above the silvery crown.

If there is to be another Handsome prince in my life,

His heart is here enshrined.

In my crown-mind, joined with My diamond-heart, I hold that

Sacred space for him until

He finds his queen, and

Loves her for who she really is.

Beads of glass and a cheap

Silver crown no more,

We shall employ the pure and

Exquisite Magick that

Unites True Mates in love.

Pamela’s poems have been published in the Virginia Bards Central Review, Virginia Writers Club Journal, Wingless Dreamer (Tribute to Lord Byron), Poetry Society of Virginia Journal and also in an international collection titled “Childhood, Vol. 1,” published by The Poet Magazine. Her chapbook, “Renewal: Cultivating My Better Self,” received an Honorable Mention in a 2020 National Poetry Writing Month Contest. In 2019 Pamela won the Hampton Roads Writers Poetry Contest for her poem “Mrs. Creekmore’s May Peas,” about the mass shooting in Virginia Beach.

     Pamela’s career-based writing included contracted nonfiction, instructional design and manuals, developmental and copy editing, and online/print writing for her regional newspaper and internet gateway. Now retired, she’s harvesting 40 years of poetry, journals and travelogues to create new works—and fun!

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