Garlic Tips and Tricks

Delicious Immune Support

It is no secret that I love garlic for the flavor. It adds an extra aroma and taste to dishes, but people forget garlic is a form of plant medicine.  Inside these little bulbs is something called allicin. These sulfenic acids are what boosts the plant to be considered a medicine. The best way to get immune support from this lovely plant is through eating it!

Because I love garlic it is easy for me to put it in everything. Here are a few of my favorite ways to use this plant medicine.

Fermented Garlic in Honey

Honey is the perfect pairing for garlic. Some people suggest pairing minced garlic with a spoonful of honey if you’re fighting of a cold or flu. Of course, that isn’t for the faint of stomach! If you want to mix garlic with honey it is easier on the tummy to ferment it. I found Colorado Hemp Honey to have a great recipe for fermentation. If you use hemp honey, you’ll also gain the benefit of CBD compounds.

Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Don’t be tricked! You can’t just put fresh garlic into oil—and, bingo-bango infused oil. This is because fresh garlic (or any herb) left in oil at room temperature for hours can cause botulism to form. The oil and garlic must be heated and infused together.

I make my infused oil using a crockpot. I normally use a full bulb of peeled garlic and 8oz of olive oil. Placing the garlic on the bottom pour in your oil and cook on low for 8 hours. Make sure to check on your oil every few hours. I have burned a few batches, sometimes it only takes 6-7 hours. Sterilize jars or containers you plan on using. Let the oil cool and take out the garlic cloves, you can use those over the next few days. Once the oil is cooled pour it into your containers. Try to use your oil up in a month or so.

Mix with Sandwich Toppings

If your stomach can handle raw garlic, like mine, add it to everything! I’ve minced garlic and added it to a smooched avocado, and also, I’ve added it to mayonnaise. Garlic is a great addition to any sandwich. You can also take the cooked garlic from making oil, mince it, and mix it for more sensitive stomachs.